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Camlynne Scott

Optimizing Amazon: Content that Converts

We see it all on Amazon, bare bones listings that give no product details and listings with novel-length titles and bullet points, so overwhelming you don’t know where to start reading. The detail page content has a huge impact on your product discoverability and conversion so getting it right is vital.  Finding the right balance [...]

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Melissa Barringer

Stop Unauthorized Sellers from Crushing your Amazon Deal Dreams

Amazon’s Today’s Deals page is the second-most visited page on Amazon. With hundreds of deals, this page is filled with discounted products in every category imaginable. Between the Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals and Savings & Sales, it becomes every shopper’s dream to have a variety of discounted products to purchase right at their [...]

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Camlynne Scott

Optimizing Amazon: Duplicate Listings

Want to give a good first impression? The state of your Amazon product listings can boost or damage your brand. When customers are shopping for an item and comparing competing brands, the Amazon detail page provides an opportunity to show off what sets your product above the rest. In this mini-series, we will focus on [...]

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Iryna Malova

Who’s Selling My Products?: Tracking Amazon Sellers

Having an unknown seller pop up in your Amazon product listing is a frustration that most brand owners have experienced. These one-off Amazon sellers can negatively impact your product by altering the content of the listing, undercutting prices of authorized sellers and providing poor customer service that can lead to negative reviews on the listing. [...]

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Bree Dresback

Going Global: Expanding Your Products to a World-Wide Audience

Even with a vibrant U.S. e-commerce market, brands would benefit from looking at expanding their product reach into international marketplaces.  E-commerce worldwide is growing at a rate of 20% year over year, and 2017 projects to be the first year where it reaches 10% of total retail sales. Amazon’s focus on global marketplace expansion has [...]

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Camlynne Scott

The Omni-Channel Approach: Staying Competitive in the E-Commerce Market

The numbers are in: a 2016 Pew Research Center study confirmed that almost 80% of Americans shop online, with 43% shopping online “weekly” or at least “a few times a month.” More and more Americans are making purchases in the convenience of their own homes. While this presents challenges to brick-and-mortar stores, it also provides [...]

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Camlynne Scott

Protect Listing Content with Amazon Brand Registry

The Amazon listing page gives customers the information they need as they consider a purchase. A quality listing includes detailed product information in the bullet points and description, as well as good product images. Ideally, this product information should come from the brand manufacturer, the product expert who already has a marketing plan. However, the [...]

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Camlynne Scott

Demystifying the Amazon Buy Box – Part 2

So, how can a brand protect itself from the race to the bottom? Many brands have implemented a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy. This policy requests that retailers do not advertise prices lower than a designated threshold. A MAP policy is not price fixing. It still allows for retailers to offer coupons and specials for [...]

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